Master in Management, University Malaya (Ongoing)
Bachelor of English (HONS)
Diploma in Office Administration (DKM)
SKM Level 2 & Level 3 in Office Management

A committed lecturer with over 11 years of experience at leading local academic institutions teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Possessing excellent constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment that has transformed many students to achieve in education. Dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a student’s imagination and breed success.

Besides her commendable academic skills, she is also someone who is passionate towards student’s wellbeing and often transforms herself as coach to provide guidance to students of all levels to bring out their best and making sure that the students able to achieve and deliver educational objectives. Making every student a better person and a future leader is one of Jiraashiny’s ultimate goal.
With endeavouring passion towards education, Jiraa also acts as a syllabus developer at CHANNEL International College and assists with the development of new course modules and extra curriculum activities specifically designed and tailor-made to help students improvise their learning.

Being an expert in language education herself, Jiraa is committed in ensuring the absorption of proper communication and language proficiency among students and align her teaching according to corporate requirements. Preparing students for job interviews and coaching them throughout their practical sessions is also some of the value adds that she gives to students without disinclination.

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